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NIH-R01HL167773 (PI: Vikram), This research focuses on connecting the gut microbe's actions to heart health

NIH-R01HL115955 (PI: London and Irani), This research is led by Prof(s). London and Irani. Our laboratory contributes to this exciting work by determining the cellular translocation of the sodium channel


FOEDRC Bridge-to-the-Cure fund (PI: Vikram), Focuses on the anti-diabetic potential of chimeric microRNA inhibitor

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AHA Career Development Award (PI: Gaddam, Mentor: Vikram), In this research, Dr. Gaddam is leveraging the chimeric nucleic acid technology to mitigate diabetic vasculopathies 

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Iowa Center for Undergraduate Research (ICRU) supports the fellowship to Veda Amalkar (Mentor: Vikram), In this research, Ms. Amalkar determines the role of miR-204 in catecholamine cardiotoxicity

Past Funding

Past Funding

  1. FOEDRC Pilot & Feasibility Seed Grant (PI: Vikram), It determined the impact of early-life dysbiosis on the metabolic disorders reprogramming via circulating microRNA-122
  2. AHA CDA + COVID-19 supplement (PI: Vikram), Focused on the role of gut-microbiota-regulated vascular miR-204 in diabetic vasculopathies
  3. AHA Postdoctoral Award (Mentor: Vikram), This award supported Dr. Gaddam in determining the role of circulating microRNA-122 promotes endothelial dysfunction and non-dipping hypertension in type 2diabetes
  4. AHA Postdoctoral Award Mentor: Vikram), This award supported Dr. Gaddam Gut-microbiota-regulated vascular microRNA-204 promotes endothelial dysfunction in diabetes.